BIANCA BEAUCHAMP's Detailed stats.

NATIONALITY: French Canadian.
PARENTS: French Canadian father, Italian mother.
LANGUAGES: French (mother tongue), english (with french accent).
BIRTH DATE: October 14th. 1977.
SIGN: Libra.

STATS: 32FF-24-35.
HEIGHT: 5ī2" (1m58)
WEIGHT 115 lb. (52 kilo)

EYES: Hazelnut.
HAIR: Natural color: brown; current length: below shoulders.
CURRENT HAIR COLOR: Dark Red with lighter red streaks.
PAST HAIR COLORS: Fushia, blonde, dark Brown, red with blonde streaks.
MAKE-UP: When I go out or I do a photoshoot. For casual day, I wear only some black mascara and some lipgloss.

SHOE SIZE: 5 (US). My feet are so small, I bought some pink running shoes in a kid shoe store!
CLOTHES SIZE: x-small. It can be very hard sometimes to find the perfect fit especially because I have a small waiste and big boobs... ;-)

PIERCING: I have a few piercings. Eight per ear and one on the nose ( I am not sure the holes are still open since I donít wear jewels there anymore), one on the left nipple, one on the belly button and two on both labia.
TATTOOS: I had one small butterfly on the right and bellow my bellybotton, but I got rid of it by laser.

BLOOD TYPE: O neg. God! the mosquitos like me!

CLOTHES: Jeans, sexy underwear, latex outfits.
COLOR(S): Depends on my mood. I love pink.
MOVIE(S): Legend, Gone with the Wind, Halloween, Dawn of the dead.
MOVIE GENRE: I love Disney animated movies and horror with lots of Zombies!
MUSIC FOR EVERYDAY: Mylene Farmer, Roy Orbisson, J-LO, R&B, Lady Gaga, etc...
MUSIC DURING PHOTOSHOOTS: 80ís like old Madonna, Moulin Rouge, Mylene Farmer.
WORD(S): Sucker!
FOOD: Alaska crab legs! Mmmmmm!
DESSERT: Nothing too sweet. I prefer sour dessert like raspberries fresh fruits.
DRINK: I just love very sour lemon Daiquiri. I also like Vodka dry Martini with lots of olives and love champagne and sparkling wine..
FICTION CHARACTER IN MOVIES: The Wicked Witch of the West! I would love to date her!
FICTION CHARACTER IN LITTERATURE: Ann of Green Gables. Isnít she sweet?!!
ACTOR(S)/ACTRESSE(S): Johnny Depp because he loves to play different types of characters, and how could I resist his charm? Gina Gershon because she is sooo sexy and talented! How come we donít see her more often on the big screen? Such a shame!
MODELS: Milla Jovovich, Julie Strain
STORY: I like especially fairy tales, but my favorite one would be the Little Mermaid.
BOOK(S): I like Lí…tranger (fr) by Albert Camus, Jean de Florette by Marcel Pagnol, Ann of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

COLOR(S): OrangeÖ Beurk!
MOVIE(S): Bad Taste, Jason X (so boring!), Driven, Daredevil, Amelie Poulin
MUSIC FOR EVERYDAY: Techno. I only like it when I am drunk.
FOOD: turnips, boiled carrots, pork-veal-lamb, blue cheese, or worst: Turnip mashed with boiled carrots!! I am sure thatís what they serve you in hell!
DESSERT: chocolate cake.

STUDIES: I got a certificate In French grammar from the University of Quebec. I was also studying to become a teacher but I stoped to concentrate all my efforts on my modeling career. I have no regrets.

PETS: Ferrets, Cats, Dogs. Yes, I have them all.
HOBBIES: I like to go horse ridding, scuba diving, swimming and I go to the gym a few days a week. I also like to buy dvdís. I have a few hundreds...
PERSONALITY: I'm very passionate. I have a good sense of humor and I love to laugh. But I also have a bad temper sometimes when I get pissed off which sometimes is pretty easy to do, and I can feel insecure sometimes.
BAD HABITS: I smoke when I drink alcohol.

VALUED QUALITIES IN OTHERS: Honesty, sense of humor, patience.
TURN-ONS: Nice perfume, beautiful women, sexy men, kinky fantasies, sincere smiles, electric shocks.
TURN-OFFS: Bad breath, pretentious attitude, jealousy (2), lousy pickup lines, extreme romantic attitude in the bed. I prefer it when it rocks!!